Week 21….Just keep swimming….


…each week in my head I sing this little song as I press on and try to love myself through my shortcomings. In Dori’s world she just keeps swimming, she doesn’t worry and she is so full of the joy of life. She doesn’t let fear paralyze her or keep her from moving forward.

I find myself losing focus each week and as I feel like I am slipping then bam it’s Sunday and there is Mark, Davene and Trish to fan the flame that I’ve let burn little to low. What a great high I feel each Sunday anticipating what they’ll say and share and then for the Masterminding after. I’ve grown to love hearing others share and being able to see myself in some of their questions, concerns, and triumphs.

I really have struggled for the past few months after the loss of our guide as she was fabulous beyond words. (for the record she is alive and very well but her path took a turn and she was no longer able to lead our tribe.)  I didn’t need to lose her to realize it but in losing her realized it even more. She sent weekly notes to uplift and inspire each of us in ‘her tribe’ and our weekly face to face video conference calls were the highlight of my work week. Her smile was truly contagious and as I’d read her emails I could feel her joy and concern as though she was standing beside me beaming.  It was difficult to lose her and those weekly interactions with other members of my tribe. It hasn’t been the same but I’ve slowly realized that though my guide isn’t along for this part of my journey her impact in the beginning was enough. It taught me to just keep swimming and not to be so hard on myself when I fall down or need more time to sort things out. Often she would remind our tribe that we were on a journey and we all travelled at different speeds, that we needed to love ourself and recognize how far we had come. My DMP took an amazing turn after her phone call all the way from Costa Rica to talk to and inspire me to dig a little deeper.

So many times my old BluePrint has screamed at me to stop, slow down at least and leave things the status quo but I can’t and won’t. I have to …just keep swimming….So the readings, sit, blogging, alliances and more go on and rather than compare myself to the progresso others I just keep swimming knowing that I’m on this journey and it’s where I’m supposed to be no matter the spot that I may be standing in at any particular moment.


1 thought on “Week 21….Just keep swimming….

  1. Dave Bernstrom

    Hi Tammy, I felt the same way about Carolynn, she is a wonderful loving person. What a great job of expressing yourself here, I love the video clip! I was wondering if you found a mastermind partner? “just keep swimming” your’e well on your way and your growth is highly Visible!



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