and the weeks go on and where am I?

Each week when I check my virtue wondering what will help me better emulate it. The past two weeks I have had Initiative and Courage. Ironically these two go well together back to back. If casually asked if I took initiave I would have said, “Yes! Absolutely.” However, with it as my focus on week 19 I realized I didn’t always take the initiative when I could and  perhaps should have. Generally when I was unsure of success I would pause, hesitate maybe even rationalize why I couldn’t or why someone else would be a much better fit. Deep down I think I knew I could do well but ‘my fear’ would get in the way if I didn’t have the conviction.

Week 20 I had courage for my virtue and what a great virtue to focus on right after realizing I let fear prevent me from taking initiate. I have let things keep me from progressing that in reality shouldn’t have.


So now I will  have courage and I will initiative! ‘Today I begin a new life, Today I shed my old skin which hath for too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity.’ Scroll I comes back around again and again. I love this process and love what I am learning about myself. It sure simplifies the process when you start with a clean concrete free subject. Otherwise it’s like they say in the South you’re just  “Putting lipstick on a pig”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.06.01 PM.png


2 thoughts on “and the weeks go on and where am I?

  1. dbernstrom

    Awesome Post Tammy! I love the video, wow! it’s been awhile since I’ve seen that movie…Crossing out the wills in your post brilliant and the lipstick on the pig gave me a laugh! Keep up the great work!

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