Discipline….week 18


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The word of the week is DISCIPLINE and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I love Mondays and even better than a Monday, is the first day of a new month on a Monday! It’s like winning the motivational sweepstakes in my world. A new day, a new week and a new month all at once what?!?! It’s so exciting.

I sat with my husband and we decided to wake each morning at 5:10 maybe hit snooze once in the interest of full disclosure and then walk our neighborhood until 6am so we could be sure to fit in our exercise. Plus it gives us time alone which means we can compete a thought without being interrupted by children. We each want to be in better shape and improve our health so the walk serves many purposes.

We put into play a ‘family help chart’ where we let our children tell us how they felt they could best help around the house and so far it’s a screaming success. Then since we were on such a great roll we added in the kindness tracking poster. What is that you ask? Well I’m glad you did, let me tell you about it. We have a lined poster that’s laminated and it has the days of the month running down the left side and across the top each family members name. When someone ‘catches’ someone else showing kindness they come put a dot by their name. You can’t dot your own name, you have to catch someone else or be caught yourself. A child friendly version of the Franklin Makeover. It’s been fun having each child come get me excited to tell me who they ‘caught’ showing kindness and eager to track it on our chart.

This week I had to have discipline to accomplish these things as it took great effort to focus on these things rather than the day to day things that call the oldest for my time and my attention. I was very conscientious this week each time I made a choice about whether or not to do this or that. I found myself immediately thinking of my DMP and if it would forward that. Wondering if this were my last day, would this be what I wanted it to consist of.

Though I don’t have a neon sign that makes it so that others can see all that is changing within me, I want to shout it out loud as I see more and more concrete fall off revealing Nature’s Greatest Miracle.



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