Week 17-HJ…….I give my permission

I know how to do it and I do it multiple times a day. I say yes, maybe, we’ll see, let me think about it, I think that’s a good idea, let me ask, I’ll have to check, I think so, I’m sure, That’s great, of course, definitely, indeedie do, and many more at least twice a day. What is it I do? I respond to others’ questions and give my permission. I have seemed to really struggle with giving myself permission though. Why is it so hard? Why haven’t I been able to just ‘let it go’? I can sing the song and in an earlier post I felt as though I really could just let it go but that was before I realized how hard it was to give myself permission.


I want to complete my own Hero’s Journey and for years have caught glimpses of it as it streaked through my mind. I’d smile internally and think how amazing that would be then I’d blink and get sucked back into my day to day rat race. That is no more because: today I begin a new life, today I shed my old skin which hath for too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocre. I greet this day with love and I persist until I succeed. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. How can there be any doubt if I know like I know, like I know.

My journey has begun and you are along for the ride…….stay tuned.


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