Week 16…….letting it go

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Let go of the banana, let it go, let it go! Oh how I need to have someone reminding me to “let go” let go of the things that keep me from following through. The things that keep me in concrete…. where yes, it’s comfortable, familiar and even cozy but it is not where I want to be nor will it ever get me to where I want to go.

We think of the cute monkeys that are captured by simply  refusing to let go of the banana in the trap. That is all they need to do so that they can pull their little arm out and escape.   I mean their lives depend on it, their freedom hinges on their ability to ‘let go’. To let go of what they think they want in that moment which is a yummy banana. However the cost is far too great.  They are so focused on the immediate gratification of having that banana that they give up on everything that really matters and ironically more than likely that includes getting more bananas.

The parallels in our own lives should be screaming out right now as you read this. It was like an opera singer for me holding that perfectly high note that won’t be dropped or ever forgotten. Let it go!

It’s such an amazing command those three words that Disney made more than $1.3 Billion  making a movie that focused on and highlighted those three simple words…….LET IT GO!  I can’t imagine that you haven’t but if you were off the planet on vacation for the past 2+ years and missed hearing the featured song from the soundtrack of Frozen that won a Grammy for Best Song as well as sold 10.9 million copies give listen to this: Let It Go

What do you need to let go of so that you can move forward? What is your cozy comfort that is an immediate gratification but holding you back from what’s really your bliss? I’d list mine here but I’m not brave enough for that quite yet but I do know and that’s half the battle. Recognition of and the willingness to let go of those things.






6 thoughts on “Week 16…….letting it go

  1. masterkeynow

    I look at it as we build our own box. The box we hold ourselves within. I am knocking down the sides of my box and stepping out beyond it. It opens up a whole new world to let go of what we created to hold us back.

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  2. Dre Van R

    Tee hee i work as an early childhood educator.. i know that song too too well! 😃
    I talked a bit of my things to let go in my post this week and you, you are getting braver all the time!!

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