Week 14….10, 9, 8, 7, 6….



I have had such a different perspective this year as New Year’s Eve approached. Seeing and hearing ads, billboards, as well as friends and family  talk about their goals for the New Year, I wanted to ask about their old Blueprint. I tried with one family member as they spoke about the new year and how this year would be different. Their goals were set with a plan in place and they knew it would ‘force’ them to make it happen this year. It’s hard to explain just one portion of what I’m learning  through the MKMMA and have it give the significance to someone else that it gave me when I have had weeks and weeks of learning and stretching and at times resisting then learning some more through this process. (it has been a great way to share my experience though and encourage them to be on the look out for the September 2016 MKMMA)

I’ve reflected on every new journal, calendar, self help book, new pens, tablets, charts, poster boards etc that I’ve purchased around this time every year as I was ready this time to make it happen. I’d wake on the first day of the new year and write in my gratitude journal, I’d start on my new vision board, I’d go to the gym, clean my car, spring clean my closets and house, organize all my financial files and accounts, make new clean labels for files and drawers, sort my office supplies, pre-write the first few months of birthday and anniversary cards, start on my tax paper work and by day 4 I was recommitting to stay on track with a few less things and by February I was barely on track with anything except the gym which was my easiest goal to keep.

What has changed? Why was this year going to be different? Why was a DMP different than my list of goals? How was this vision board more effective when it has less pictures and pizazz and looks like a preschool art project of  shapes? Well, the MKMMA, The Scrolls, My DMP, My Vision Board, My New BPB, My Alliances, My Guides, My fellow MKMMA’ers,  my choice to push forward despite crazy setbacks, and my commitment to me.



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