Week 11-Persistence is where it’s at


What a great reveal this week! To learn that all these things we were asked and encouraged to do were building up to us competing the 4 steps that are essential for success! What?!

How awesome to see that these steps will bring us to our ‘success’ whatever we individually define success as. Of course there is a catch, isn’t there always a catch…..we have to be faithful to the tangible and honor requirements that we are given each week. Those ‘requirements’ are for our benefit to bring us to our ‘success’.

Now there lies ‘the rub’ as a friend would say. What if I haven’t been practicing ‘consistent continuous action’? What if I missed a reading here or there, the sit for a few days in a row, or didn’t hold myself accountable to ‘the gal in the glass’ each evening? Well, I can say that as I listened to the webinar the ah ha moment was a WOW. It was a ‘holy crapola’ I have to tighten up! I have to jump in with both feet (again) and do whatever it takes. My alarm going off at 5am may not be ideal but it ensures that I am able to get my morning readings in. I may be tired at the end of my days but I have to get those last readings in even if it means my husband listens to me while I ‘read with enthusiasm’.



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