Week 10…..The Old Blueprint

So I’ve been sliding back into my old blueprint and today missed my first webinar. As I’ve sat watching it tonight and trying to play catch up after two weeks of ‘sliding’ I realized how easy it was to go back to my ‘norm’. The norm that I don’t want. The norm that isn’t my DMP. The norm that brought me to the MKMMA in the first place. It was easy really, I missed a reading here then there and then no ‘sits’ for days. Next thing you know I’m not reading my cards and then a whole day goes by with no readings, no sit, no mental diet (hadn’t mastered that quite yet anyway) and then I was back to the Old Blueprint.

I know this pattern, I’ve done it so so many times. Start strong, all in and then as life happens and days are long with children, homeschooling, work, church and other responsibilities I let one thing go, then another. It’s super easy to make excuses… I mean I have children need I say more? But lots of people have children. Lots of people have ‘things’ going on. Births, deaths, work, spouses, home-life, illness, visitors, emergencies, and the list goes on and on.

I want a different outcome though. I want a different outcome then the one I have settled for. I want to be a success  in all the ways that I can be a success. The cool thing is that I determine what kind of success I can and will be.

So I am putting myself on notice that this week will be different. This week will be another start and I will not quit. I will not settle. Tired, sleepy, busy, will not be excuses that I use or accept.



6 thoughts on “Week 10…..The Old Blueprint

  1. Linda Black

    Tammy, it’s nice to hear the truth of what you are experiencing. When I have days (weeks) like this I move my focus to what is going right…you are a parent to children who are lucky to have your guidance and be influenced by the way you think and act. You are a powerful influence to those around you for good. You also do not need to do everything every single day. One day at a time…one card at a time. BTW, it looks like you get to celebrate that you are all caught up in your blogging!!! Doing the “I Just Want to Celebrate” dance for you. Peace.

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  2. Matt Dagati

    I commend you for being honest about your feelings. I believe the fact you’re observing the old and new blueprint means change is happening. Keep at it….I resisted at first but Masterminding is a great way to keep us all on track.

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  3. masterkeynow

    It is easy to slide back. We all do it. The old blueprint has been the way of life for us. It is the determination to change things and the strength to do it. You have that within. Keep it up.


  4. dbernstrom

    Hi Tammy, well, I am the pot and I certainly have nothing to say to the kettle….Keep busting that cement, I am sure you will get there because you are honest and obviously a fighter. Hat’s off to you my friend.

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  5. EurekaBizMKMMA

    Tammy, you described me and my backsliding over the past 2 weeks to a T! (I wonder where that saying came from.) Prior to reading this post, I read your Press Release, which is an amazingly clear vision of your future self! Perhaps if you record your Press Release (read your parts ENTHUSIASTICALLY!) and listen to it several times each day (while doing housework or something else that’s kinda routine), your future self will give your the confidence and persistence you need now to keep developing and nurturing your new blueprint. And keep in mind D.J. Gregory, who we met in this week’s webinar (supplemental video). When he took the first step in his 900-mile walk on all course in the 2008 pro golf tour, he may not have envisioned that a year later, he would start his Walking For Kids Foundation. You dare to dream about your amazing future self and life because those seeds are in you NOW! Think of all the MKMMA exercises as ways to tend your garden.

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