Week 9…. The Dash

The week has flown by with programs at school for my children, my volunteer work, and preparations for the long holiday weekend. I found myself missing a reading here and there excusing it with my old blueprint list of reasonings and justifications. Yet, I  found myself on “The Day of Thanks’ being so thankful for this MKMMA experience.

As I travelled with my family for the weekend and packed up my things I carefully stored my classwork for the trip. I noticed the looks from a few family members when they saw me holding my cards or reading my scroll. It did give me a chance to share my new journey with them when otherwise I many not have.  I look forward to them seeing me become the person I’ve always known was tucked away inside somewhere. The person that I could feel when I could quiet myself enough. I could feel this person with a greater purpose but I didn’t know how to get to her. I knew, like I knew, like I knew, that the glimpses I saw in those rare moments were me, the real me and I wanted to be that person, but how?

This MKMMA has given me the path to walk to ‘find’ her, to bring about that which I know I really am. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time. The old Blue Print is so engrained into my everyday that at times it seems like it’ll be a lifelong battle, yet I know that too is my old Blueprint talking. It’s comfortable and familiar, it’s how I cope and survive in my current life. Yet I don’t want to cope, to just survive.

Yesterday I met a man named Carl  who told me of a poem his friend wrote called “The Dash”.  Carl said on tombstones we always see the birth year as well as the  year of passing then all the time in between is noted as only ‘a dash’. What we do with that dash is up to us. What that dash means only we can determine. I want my dash to be all that it can be. To show that I did it, I found me, I lived my Dharma, I found my Bliss!

I think I’ll write this down so that I see it everyday when I am tired and just want to turn off the lights and sleep…What will your dash be?


3 thoughts on “Week 9…. The Dash

  1. Carolynn Sokil (@MKWeSmileLoudly)

    I’ve always loved The Dash Tammy. It makes me realize I am ultimately a blip in this entire cosmos. When I look up at the hundreds…thousands of thousands of stars in the night sky, I realize I am just one bright light for a short time. Making my light count is key. Embracing our purpose for this life – this dash – is paramount. We were made to allow our inner light to shine. I see yours…all the way down here!


  2. masterkeynow

    I am happy you shared this about ‘the dash.’ I never heard this before and had to google it. It is the truth to think about what little time we have on earth and we should all strive to make this dash of time worthwhile. It has always been my philosophy that the when all is said and done our time here shoot leave a footprint behind of the positive people we are and a legacy to others. So maybe on my headstone I will request a footprint between the dates rather than the dash.



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