Week 8-Tears

I began this week another year older perhaps even a bit wiser. I excitedly scratched out the word ‘will’ throughout scroll 2. It seems at times I would read it and my head would omit it automatically the two weeks prior. At each reading I felt overwhelmed with how much love I would be adding into my world each and every day. Why hadn’t I been doing that all along? “All we need is love” declared the Beatles. How true those words are.


Around my third reading of Scroll 2 I found myself in tears as I read how I would ‘greet this day with love in my heart and look on all things with love and be born again’. I felt I had been sharing very little love with others as I read all the ways I would now be implementing love. At one midday reading I read the Scroll out loud to my 8 & 9 year olds. One commented that it sounded like such a great thing to do, to greet everyone with love. The other asked how would anyone know that I was saying I love you to them if I was saying it in silence. I continued to read and while doing so made an effort to ‘unwrinkle my brow, bring a smile to my lips, a shine to my eyes’ and they both saw and felt my love. This showed me and them that we could say ‘I love you’ to everyone even in silence.

As two of my smart goals from my DMP have begun to ‘come to fruition’ I have had a wave of thoughts and emotions. The first goal took a baby step towards reality last week when a family member called me, to help them with some things that would put me on the path to achieving my goal. I even pointed out to them that I had recently set a goal involving this particular thing so, they were actually helping to manifest my goal.

The second smart goal took a giant leap towards being achieved even though it will take almost a year to complete. However,  I noticed my inner thoughts recognizing the goal being from my DMP but saying ‘it would have happened anyway’. I do want my subby to recognize that my mental diet, readings and consistent focus on what I want, is what began bringing these goals to the state they are currently in. Are we so programmed to believe that we cannot bring things into existence on our own and that the world without creates the world within? I am working diligently on my world within each and every day so that I can create the world without that I want to live in.





4 thoughts on “Week 8-Tears

  1. Carolynn Sokil (@MKWeSmileLoudly)

    Wonderfully shared Tammy! While some of us could say that it may have happened anyway, you, I and thousands of people know what we are doing is making a difference. I am proud of you and am personally excited you are sharing this with your children. I love the simplicity of their questions – they get to the heart of the matter. This is part of my DMP, so hearing of your share and their reactions brings a tear to my eye – in a very good way. Bless you and your dreams which touch so many!


  2. masterkeynow

    I think all of us are experiencing tears. One of my goals is to give up what I have been doing most of my life and start anew. An emotional thing for me but yet exciting to begin this new chapter. Change is never easy, but is usually well worth the effort of we persevere.



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