MKMMA week 7

Here it is week 7 and after Sunday’s webinar I felt Mark saying, “Hey there! You, yes you. I am talking to you. Those shapes, see those were a big deal. They seemed small and maybe silly but look now. That whole ‘sit thing’ yes, it was  hard and maybe a weird addition to your day but look where you’d be now if you would have been following along keeping with the program these past weeks. It must have been like Jerry felt. You know where he uttered the words… Help Me, Help You. (click the hyperlink)

Every Sunday I recommit to the MKMMA. Every Sunday I excitedly print out the lesson and the workbook for the week. Every Sunday I leave church 15 minutes early to rush home and sit at my little desk with my earbuds in with my 5×7 cards and colored pencils. I half hear my husband arrive later with our four girls calling me then Dad shushing them reminding them I’m on my webinar. Every Sunday my patient husband changes all four from church clothes to end of the day clothes (for some it’s pjs for others its play clothes). Every Sunday my supportive husband makes dinner and entertains our girls for the next 3 hours while I attend my webinar and start on my work for the week. Perhaps he is silently saying to me Help Me, Help You. (click the hyperlink)

Each day my girls patiently wait while I read twice during their waking hours. Often times in the mornings as I sit in my closet on the floor to read (so I won’t be disturbed nor wake anyone) I am joined by one or two that have woken up and come with their blankets to lay beside me on the floor as I read. Some days I want to sleep in when my alarm goes off at 5:30am. Okay that’s a lie, I want to sleep in every time my alarm goes off at 5:30am. However, if I don’t get up then, I can’t get my morning read in. It’s then or I try to fit it in every minute after that with all four girls bright eyed & bushy tailed and needing me to find socks, brush hair, make breakfast, find a book, find their shoes, fix their lunch, remind them to brush their teeth, turn off the light, pick up their pajamas and then bam it’s lunch time and therefore time for another read.

Here I’m on the cusp of another new week and webinar. This Sunday it’s actually my birthday and as my husband and kids talked about the day and what we should do everything was planned around church and the MKMMA webinar. This next year needs me to be the best I can be. 


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