Week 6 MKMMA

Before I start what is your answer to the following?

I think it’s safe to say that for as long as I can remember (years) that I just woke up to get through the day and then to go to bed and do it all again in the morning. Maybe that’s how it is for most parents. I regularly call my life ‘Ground Hog Day’

I cook, clean, cook , find the lost thing, do laundry, solve a major war, cook, clean, play taxi, clean, find the lost thing again, clean the kids, clean the bathroom after cleaning the kids, clean the house enough that I can sleep in it and then fall asleep to wake up and do it all again less than 10 hours later. It is my own ground hog day. Then in comes the Scrolls and the DMP, The Blueprint Builder, those lovely 3×5 cards, shapes, colors, sitting still for 15 minutes….wait what?! Sit still for 15 minutes and not do another thing. That one is still a struggle. To give myself 15 minutes out of the 1440 I have in a day seems unbelievably difficult. Yet, I do have 1440 total. Granted I like to sleep for at least 360 of those but even then that still leaves 1,080 minutes.  Why is it so hard then. Maybe it’s my old blueprint trying to rear it’s ugly head and refuse to be replaced? hmmmmmm

I had looked forward to being on to the second scroll yet I feel a loss to leave behind the first. I mean we bonded, really we did, 3 times a day we bonded. Just bringing over one line to read before Scroll 2 is comfort though.  I think something inside ‘fires’ because it’s like a rush of familiarity. “Wiring and Firing” as Mark says. I look forward to each new discovery of this ‘linking’, this ‘wiring & firing’. stay tuned…..

6 thoughts on “Week 6 MKMMA

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  2. masterkeynow

    The hardest thihg for me is to take time for me. I have started hiking again as I am at peace with nature. The best place for me to wind down. I have difficult taking the 15 minute quiet time, but I do it and it is becoming part of the new daily routine.



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