MKMMA Week 3…..somewhere it’s there….

What a week. I got into my groove with my ‘sit’ and the words I’m reading have really started connecting with me. It seems like everyone in the world should know this but they don’t. I didn’t. I don’t even know all of it yet. What I do know though, is that it can and is transforming my life. My thoughts. My habits. My focus.

We were able to have a group webinar this week and it was so great to ‘see’ other people that are in the MKMMA with me. Normally you don’t know who anyone is but being able to see and hear another ‘classmate’ was so great.

I’ve worked a lot on my DMP (definite major purpose) or Dharma this week. How can I know what to work for and towards if I don’t know what I want. This week for the first time I felt that I really nailed down what mattered to me. While there is a word limit for our dharma  and I can’t elaborate as much as I would want in specific areas  it is a living document so that I can  amend as I go. I realized that my PPN’s were Helping Others and Liberty. I love helping others and being a ‘blessing’ if you will in another’s life. To think I may have in some way lightened the load someone carried even if just for a day, is such a gratifying way to live life. I really want to make a difference in the lives of those that are going through the struggles of being a blended family. Father’s are so very often left to have time with their children at someone else’s discretion and more often than not it is not enough for the children or the father. I have seen first hand the legal system fail in this regard and would love to help others navigate this murky part of the legal system.

Liberty means so much in terms of the life it will bring. I look forward to that and already see things in my life that are a direct result of my MKMMA experience so far.

I love Sundays and they have always been my favorite day of the week but with MKMMA now launching a new lesson every Sunday afternoon I love them even more. I love to hear and feel the words and thoughts that are shared with me and I love the first time I get to read the new lesson for the week. I like seeing my DMP come together more with each rewrite and really feeling my words as I read them.

Here’s to another week, another Sunday and building on my new habits……


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