MKMMA- Week 2

Week two has come quickly, it’s Tuesday already and I’m still trying to get in the grove. SO many interruptions with 4 little girls ages 9 and under, homeschooling two, two that go to school but different schools at different times, an unexpected passing in the family that requires a 6 hour trip out of town for a funeral, a flat tire, a court hearing, soccer practice, soccer games, having to replace a washer and a dryer, new enrichment activity for two that require an unexpected three hour commitment twice a week, a four year old with a broken arm and on and on……… So, if I can do this…if I can make time…if I can add this into my daily schedule….then anyone can.

The first week I expected to be this huge ‘high’ of excitement and while it was to some extent it was also super hard and I felt like I had mini-melt downs all week adjusting to having things added to my already full schedule. I’m excited to be working on my DMP and see more clearly little by little as to what my dharma really is. It’s amazing to me that  I’ve not had a clearer picture of what I truly wanted and what I should be working towards. How did I ever expect to achieve ‘it’, if I didn’t know what ‘it’ really was? I notice in others now the words and phrasing they use and keep thinking about how the masses need to have the MKMMA in their lives. The world operates in the wrong direction. We all try to fix the outer and never focus on the inner. The world within….such a simple statement and yet it says it all. I can’t wait for week four so that these new patterns I’m developing are forming a solid habit, a firm foundation on which to build the rest of my life.


1 thought on “MKMMA- Week 2

  1. Carolynn Sokil

    FANTASTIC post Tammy! Agreed about the masses needing MKMMA. The interesting thing I’ve noticed is the world recognizes need and tends to create more need. Awareness of purpose allows clarity into our world within and ultimately our world without. Enjoying being here for your journey!

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