MKMMA-2015- Here we go

So I eagerly anticipated this past Sunday’s arrival the whole week before as I am ready and I mean READY to be all in! Each day seemed to bring more distractions and by the time Sunday arrived I was trying to coordinate using my phone as a hot spot so I could have my laptop to watch and listen to on the way home from church that ends at the precise time our first webinar would take place. Then at 5:30 I had my first meeting for a new volunteer church position I’ve been asked to fill as Public Affairs Assistant Director for my Stake which is combination of 6 wards and each ward is a growing of about 4-500 church members. As a homeschooling mother of a 3rd and 4th grader Sundays are my lesson planning days in the evening as well as getting ready for the week ahead for the Kindergartener and Pre-schooler. I was ready though and thanks to an amazingly loving and supportive husband I was able to get everything fit in and listen to the reminder of the webinar that I missed.

As I sat up last night past 1:30am reading the assigned readings and working on my DMP I felt this little flicker, like a little blip of deja vu as I read and reread my forming DMP. It was like this moment of “oh yes, this is how it all came to be”. This morning at 5:30 when my alarm went off so I could have quiet time for starting my day with the readings it was easy to leave my warm bed to bring my body to where it needs to be so that my soul can have what it already knows it has.

It’s exciting to be at the beginning of this amazing experience but then again I am the person that also loves Mondays. I love getting a chance to start fresh. It is a lot to take in here at first and I keep thinking about all these new habits I am starting on but it is now or never for me and so I have ‘burnt my ships’….. I have to succeed.


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